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The following is a list of terms commonly used in a cornhole game :

Air mail swish
A bag that goes directly in the hole without touching the board.
Ace cow pie 
A bag lands on the board, which is worth one point.
Back door 
A cornhole that goes over the top of a blocker and into the hole.
A bag that lands past the cornhole but remains on the board creating a backboard for a slider to knock into without going off the board.Template:Fact
Berlin Airlift 
an opponents bags are blocking the hole (in the shape of a wall), leaving the only viable option to airlift the bags into the hole.
Berlin Wall 
an opponent lines up a couple of bags in front of the hole, thereby making scoring difficult. A historical reference to the Berlin Wall
An ace that lands in front of the hole, essentially blocking the hole from sliders.
When players or teams cannot agree on the scoring of a given inning.
Cornhole Drāno 
A bag falls in the hole, which is worth three points. The alternative name is a reference to a trademark, that of a sink clog clearing product.
Dirty bag 
A bag that is on the ground or is hanging off the board touching the ground.
When a player puts all 4 bags in with no help from his bag or another player.
Gusher double deuce 
Four cornholes by a single player in a single round.
An ace on the lip of the hole ready to drop.
The team who tosses first, resulting from the team scoring last.
A bag hitting the board and hooking or curving around a blocker and going in the hole.
A bag that strikes another bag on the board causing it to jump up into the cornhole.
The cornhole referee.
Push Bag 
When a bag takes in 2 or more bags of either the throwers bag or the opposing players bags.
Sally corn patty 
A toss that is thrown too weakly and lands on the ground before reaching the board.
When a player pitches a bag and it strikes an opposing players bag knocking it off the board.
Skunk whitewash 
A game that, by some rules, ends in an 11-0 score.
A cornhole that slides into the hole.

Regional Terminology (West Coast; primarily the Bay Area, Seattle and the Central Valley of California from Sacramento to Chico)

When a cornbag hits the ground in front of the board.
Lick Side
When a right-handed player has to throw from the right side of the board or a left-handed player must throw from the left side of the board.
Frat House
When all eight bags are in play on the board.
Cincinnati Slide
The act of knocking your own bag into the cornhole by throwing a cornbag hard and without much loft.
Stiff Bag
A poorly thrown bag as a result of the pressure of competition.
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