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There are several products out there to help you play cornhole in the dark.

Here are some links to products or websites where you can find what you're looking for.

Lighting Links

Lighting Tips

From JayPee - Nothing fancy here, but I just tried this the other night and it worked great. Surprisingly gave the entire hole a "glow." Just velcro one of these to one of your 4' 2x4's about in the area just past where the legs would fold up to underneath your board. Then you can adjust it for the best lighting. They are LED so they light up pretty well. About 7 bucks a piece. Then to give some light to the board, I stood one of these up on its side on top of a brick about a foot and a half to two in front of the board. It didn't light up the entire board but gave us the light we needed. About 12 bucks for this one. I took some pictures but they didn't really do it justice.

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