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There are many ways to make your own cornhole bags. We've got some instructions, as well as some tips to tell you how to make the best cornhole bags.


Cornhole Players Bag Sewing Instructions

Cornhole Bags
Fabric Preparation

Cornhole bags should be made from duck canvas, and may be any color that is easy to see during game play.

Each bag should be filled with approximately 2 cups of feed corn.

Finished bags should be a minimum of 6" X 6" square and weigh between 14 and 16 ounces.

Buy duck cloth or duck canvas ( 1 – 2 yards )

Shrink the fabric using a washer & dryer, then cut fabric into 8 squares, measuring 7” x 7”

*Optional Fabric Prep*

If your fabric store only sells white Duck Cloth, or if you’d like a custom color, you can dye the cloth.

Use any dye and a container that will not stain

Rinse the fabric until water runs clear

Hang the bags to let dry, or put them in a dryer

Sewing the Bags

Use upholstery thread or another heavy duty thread to sew two squares together

Sew to be a bit over 6” x 6”,

( so when the bag is filled it will be 6” x 6” )

Leave a section un-sewn (to fill bags with corn)

Un-sewn section can be anywhere from an inch long to the whole side

Turn the bags inside out so the seams you have just sewn are invisible

Cornhole Bags
Filling the Bags

Cornhole bags should be filled with approx. 2 cups of feed corn, and should weigh 14 to 16oz. ( 1lb. )

For easier filling, use a pop bottle

Feed corn is the most common filling for Cornhole bags, and can be found at any feed store

Other, options are plastic beads or pellets or dried beans, but popcorn and sand are not suggested.

Sew and Play

Double stitch up the opening with a whip stitch or a sewing machine.

Additional Tips

Corn / Filler

From CGP's lj is

I use Tractor Supply corn. The only thing I recommend is freezing the corn prior to "kill" off any parasites/eggs. When I first starting making bags, never froze the corn and let me tell you bug crazy flying around in the room from the corn bins.

Gluing Bag Seams

From texastim on the CGP Forum

If your bags are coming apart at the seams... try glue!

Apply glue, then do the double stitch all the way around the bag only leaving enough room to fill with corn. Then double stitch and glue what is left, and have had no problems with bags breaking open. Also important not to overfill the bags. We use Aleene's No Sew Fabric Glue found at Jo Ann's Fabric Store.

Bags coming apart

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