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vinyl decal

Vinyl Decals are often used on cornhole boards as an alternative to hand painting the graphics. It's easy to apply a vinyl decal to your Cornhole boards.

What Is A Vinyl Decal? (as used on cars)

Vinyl car decals are truly stickers. Rather than cutting a design from vinyl and then arranging it on your car, an image is simply printed onto a piece of adhesive vinyl, which is then placed onto your vehicle. Thanks to the incredible quality of modern digital printing, all images printed onto a vinyl car decal maintain a high resolution, even when the size of the image is blown up.

People often opt for vinyl car decals over vinyl car graphics because of the ability to print digital photgraphs or other clip art types of images onto the adhesive vinyl. If you use a photograph, rest assured that the quality of your image will remain clear and intact once printed onto the vinyl. Car decals are also able to be printed in any color, so there are no limits with the images you can create with a vinyl car decal.

Vinyl Decals are easy to order, print and apply, as well.

What Is A Vinyl Graphic? (as used on cars)

Vinyl graphics, whether used for a car or something else, refers simply to the technique of creating the sticker. Vinyl is cut into the shapes and letters to be used in your customized image and then laid out in that design. This is the type of car sticker used for shapes such as a logo or lettering that spells out a business or personal name.

Vinyl graphics give your car sticker an almost three-dimensional appearance. Real estate agents who want to distinguish their cars from the many other cars out there touting their real estate businesses often use these. I've seen an amazing vinyl car graphic for a real estatate agent that incorporates a palm tree with beautifully scripted, though legible, lettering.

For designs using multiple colors, the vinyl graphics can be layered and pre-spaced, so truly any design imaginable can be arranged an applied on your car with a custom vinyl car graphic.

Die-Cut vs Cad-Cut

Die-Cut and Cad-Cut are two different terms often misused by manufacturers and sellers. Die cut is usually like a punch or cookie cutter where the decal is printed on a white background, then "cut" with this die leaving the white background and about 1/8" - 1/4" white border all the way around the image.

Cad-Cut means that you will receive ONLY the colors specified, and the background will not exist. I usually ask any of my customers if they need the white background as a part of their decal or not. Most people are painting their boards in the background colors, so we can leave it out..

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