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Shaggy Method Steps

The forum at is a great place to find information when you're building, painting, or customizing a set of Cornhole boards.

Over the last few years, a painting tip from forum member “Shaggy” has been amazingly helpful. So helpful, in fact, that this process has since been referred to as “The Shaggy Method” to most members of the forum. Paint crips, clean lines on your cornhole boards using these easy steps.


The Shaggy Method


5 Steps for Painting Crisp Lines

1. Paint the entire area with your base color.

2. Tape out the desired design or pattern. Cut tape where necessary.

3. With the tape still in place, add a second coat of your base color.

4. Leaving the tape in place, paint the same area with your final finish color.

5. Remove your tape to see your super crisp lines!

Why This Works

Any line bleeding will occur when you repaint the base color. Since it’s base color on base color, the bleeding won’t be visible. That initial bleed-through clogs these areas, preventing any future bleed-through with the next color.

Additional Tips

  • For the cleanest lines, use a razor blade to score the paint at the tape edges.
  • Peel off the tape after the paint is dry to the touch, but before it’s completely cured, to avoid pulling up too much paint.
  • Touch up any bleeding that still occurs, use a small paint brush.
  • To touch up spray paint, spray the paint on a paper plate and then use the brush to brush it on more accurately.
  • Alternate Method: Simply to make sure the painters tape is stuck to the surface really well. Check this by running a hard edge over the tape, like the edge of a credit card.


For an alternate method, please check out the Logo Method

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