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Cornhole Bags can be made with any type of sewing machine, but for board makers or bag sellers who go through more than normal people, a higher end machine is often called for.

Suggested Sewing Machines

Some info from the Cornhole Game Players Forum users:

pharaoh: If you want an entry level industrial machine that isn't too expensive and will handle you needs is the Consew CP206R. If you look around you can find it for about $500. One good feature with that machine is that it has a walking foot to help get the material through. I started with that machine and it worked well for many years before I stepped up to a full size industrial machine. One thing you can do with a commercial machine that you can't with a home machine is use a heavier weight thread. One word of caution, unless you're very experienced with an industrial/commercial machine, look for something with a servo motor or can be upgraded to a servo as opposed to a clutch motor.

Naperville Bags: We use the Juki 8700DDL. You get them new for around $600-$700. This is a clutch motor and takes some getting used to, but is an animal for making bags.

Reksat: I have been using a Brothers unit ( $99 ) that i purchased at wally world 5 yrs ago and it does a great job for my needs. I do alot of bags but probably not near the volume some of the other fellows and gals do. I've yet had any busted bag complaints.

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