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Before you paint your boards, you're probably going to want to sand them. Use whatever you have around, or whatever works best for you. We've featured some suggestions of the members of the Forum.

Power Sanding

BuckIBoards - I use a Dewalt orbital sander for most of my board work. Start out sanding with 180 paper then moving to 220. For the final sand I also use 220 paper as well but, sand by hand. Hope that helps and remember to post some pics of your boards.

Milky - I use a Black and Decker 1/4 sheet palm sander, knock it down at first with 100 grit, then 180, then 220.

Swoosh - I started with a hand held belt sander,but, you have to be careful because they will chew up alot of wood in a hurry. then I finish with a palm sander 180 grit then 220.Before you final sand You can also wet the wood with a cloth then let it dry it will raise the gain. Then final sand it will make your boards smoooooth

Woodburner - small palm sander is the best way to go. a 2x4 sheet of plywood is not that bad to sand with a palm sander....what i mean is you dont need anything bigger that that.

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