Painting the Ring Around the Hole

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Painting a ring around the hole of a set of cornhole boards is an especially challenging part of the painting process.

Here are a few tips!

Marking the Hole Border

Tip by Milky

Here's what I do, and it's fool proof and very simple.

1. Tape off around your hole.

2. Take a small dinner plate and stick it in the hole, bottom side down. Press down on the plate and trace about a 1" long mark on four sides. Remove the plate and measure distance between the marks you just made and the hole, to ensure that they are equal.

3. Turn the plate over so that it is upside down. Place it centered in the marks you just drew.

4. Pressing down firmly, take an exacto knife and trace around the plate.

5. Peel tape, and voila.

I happen to have the perfect sized small dinner plates for this. If you do not, go to your local dollar store and get one.

Defining the Hole Border

Tip by Evil Elf

I took a 2x4 about 7 inches long and drew a 6-inch arc on it. I placed two nails on this arc as far apart as possible. I then drew a line normal to the arc and drilled holes at 1 inch, 1 1/2 inches , and 2 inches. I place the wood down over the hole, with both nails in the hole after I taped it off and place a pen in the a hole and draw a circle over the tape. Easy, plus no guess work hoping that the plate or template is centered over the hole.

Ball point works best as it rolls on the tape instead of digging in. A sharp pencil is not a good choice for this.

Place the wood down on the board, with the nails in the hole, facing the ground. Place the pen in the hole so that you can write on the tape/board. Draw your circle while pulling the pen outwards, away from the hole. The nails ride the edge of the cutout hole keeping your pen the same distance all the way around the hole while you draw.

The one view is from underneath the hole with the holes riding the hole edge. I hope this helps.

Since there is not point on the board to place a compass point (since the hole is cutout), you need to create a way of keeping the pen the same distance away from the hole edge as you draw. One nail would allow the pen to pivot closer the hole; two nails do not.

Tips for Drawing the Hole Border

Tip by Z-MAN

I used painters tape, a CD spindle centered in the hole, and a compass with a thin sharpie pen attached. It worked beautifully......I cut the tape away from the hole with a exacto knife.....Used a credit card to press down the edges of the tape to make sure they were tigh to the board and painted away.... When I pealed away the tape, the lines around the holes were super crisp.

Tip by J2K66

Take some cardboard (I also used gift wrapping boxes) and draw a 6" hole with a compass. Then, from the same center point, draw a 9" hole (if you want 1.5" border) around that. Now, cut out the 6" hole AND the 9" hole. This will give you a cardboard ring that you should be able to easily center and trace onto your tape.

Tip by kdawgvt

you can also go into Word and make an 8" circle using the rulers that are in Word. Then just print it out and cut it out.

To make sure it's centered, I tape over the hole and then put 4 marks, 1" from the edge of the hole (or measure in and since you know that your hole is at 9" down and 12" on center just put marks at 5" and 13" from the top, and 8" from each side). Then place the circle that you cut out so that it lines up with all 4 marks and tape it down and trace it.

All these ways will work. I just do it this way cause I don't want to buy anything!

Tip by Phil

I made a template to be used over and over for each new set. I took the wood that was left over from cutting out the hole. I wrapped several layers of tape around the edge of this circle shaped wood until it fit snugly (but not tightly) back into the hole in the cornhole board. I then bent the tape over the back side of the wood and put a few staples through the tape into the wooden circle. I took a compass and drew a 9" hole (1.5" bigger all around the hole, because I am using 1.5" tape for around the boarder of the board) on a box that we use to wrap Christmas gifts (clothes) in. I cut out the 9" hole and centered it on the wooden circle that I wrapped the tape around. I then stapled this carboard circle to the wooded circle. After I put my tape down over the opening on my cornhole board, I cut the hole out for the opening, insert my new template and trace around it. I have done two sets of boards and it has worked greate and is easy to pop right in, trace, and pop right out.

Tips found at - Hole Border

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