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Cornhole Bags

Only two items are needed to play Cornhole: cornhole boards and cornhole bags.

Cornhole bags are tossed at the cornhole boards during game play. As the name of the game would suggest, the cornhole bags are generally filled with corn; specifically feed corn.



Cornhole bags should be made from duck cloth. They may be any color that is easy to see during game play, but it's helpful if each team's bags are very different colors.

Corn bags should be approx. 6" X 6" square and weigh between 14 and 16 ounces. Generally, 16 ounces produces very full bags, so 15 is the most common weight.

Bag Fill

Corn Filled Bags

Feed corn is the most common filling for Cornhole bags, and can be found at any feed store. Cornhole bags should be filled with approx. 2 cups of feed corn, and should weigh 14 to 16oz.

Whole Feed corn is the most common filling because it provides a strong filling that holds up well over time. As the bags are used, and the corn is broken down, a slight dust will come off of the bags upon landing. This dust is a signature part of the game. The dust not only gives the bags character, but it adds a coat of dust to the boards that will often make them play a little better.

Do NOT Use Popcorn - Popcorn doesn't break down and give off the dust like feed corn does. It also kind of flops around inside the bag, making the bgas feels mushy. Using feed corn allows you to flatten the bag out and get that frisbee effect while throwing because it still allows a certain amount of rigidity.

Weather Proof Bags

Synthetic materials (plastics and resins) are sometimes used as bag fill. The synthetic materials make the bags moisture resistant, but they are often overfilled to make them heavy enough, and they don't produce the corn dust that is such a signature part of the game.


Bags are usually sewed double stitched. Upholstery thread is commonly used. For higher quantities of bags, heavy duty sewing machines are often used.

Breaking In Cornhole Bags

New Cornhole bags often don't play as well as a bag that has been broken in. Tight fabric as well as whole pieces of corn make for stiff bags that can slide too easily. There are several ways to break in a set of bags.

  • Lay two bags side by side on a hard concrete or blacktop surface. Put two 2 x 4's on top of them ans stand on the 2 x 4'x and rock back and forth. The corn will start crunching, and at the same time, you're scuffing up the bags a little bit. Works like a charm. The trick is not to "grind" them too much, because you don't want to wear right through the bags, and you don't want all of the corn to be crushed up. - from Milky
  • Put the bags in the dryer on high for about 30 minutes to help soften the canvas and start the corn breaking process. - from dcrog
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